Colorado Prosthodontic Society

February 12, 2001

Seminar Schedule

John Svirsky, D.D.S., M.Ed.

Virginia Commonwealth University


 "Oral pathology for the fun of it"      "Oral pathology: Cases only a mother could love"


Morning session:

            Learn without pain!  Delivered with humor and style, this course offers information on the current state of diagnosis and treatment of oral diseases that is immediately applicable to everyday practice.  Differential diagnosis and treatment plans are developed through clinical presentations.  Included are cases whose outcomes are quite different from their initial presentation.

 You will learn to recognize and treat the common oral diseases encountered in dental practice, establish a diagnosis, and formulate a treatment plan when presented with an oral condition, select the best method to establish a definitive diagnosis, and evaluate a variety of medications and therapeutics to medically manage oral diseases.
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Afternoon session:

            This entertaining and informative course will dramatize in black-and-white and "living color" some of the unusual cases Dr. Svirsky has encountered in his over twenty years as an "oral medicine man."  Things are not always as they seem.  Covered in this program will be differential diagnosis, cases that "grow," cases that grow "big and ugly," and unusual cases even by Dr. Svirsky’s standards.


            Dr. John Svirsky is a board certified oral and maxillofacial pathologist at Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU) in Richmond, Virginia.  He received his dental degree in 1973 from VCU and went on to complete a general practice residency at Long Island Jewish Medical Center/Queens Hospital Center, as well as an oral pathology residency at the Catholic Medical Center in New York.

            He is currently a professor of oral and maxillofacial pathology, and maintains a private practice in oral medicine and oral pathology.  Dr. Svirsky has developed a broad background in research, published numerous articles in the dental literature, and earned a Masters degree in adult education.  He is a sought-after speaker with a national reputation as an informative and entertaining lecturer.



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